Wow...we didn't anticipate so much energy!
SiriusDecisions' Research Director, Christine Polewarczyk, and Position2’s Managing Director, Niraj Swarup, revealed the secret sauce of content for Demand Acceleration on October 6th, 2016. Sign up to get the on-demand webinar.
During this webinar we shared:
The Current State of B2B Content
  • Noise factor
  • Lack of content strategy
  • Not having the right people, processes and technology in place to support best practices
  • Inability to drive awareness, leads, support buyer's journey and channel mandates
Introduction to SiriusDecisions' Content Model
  • Explain framework, best in class, common challenges
  • Three pillars of content excellence – content strategy, content ops, content marketing
What Does Great Content Marketing Look Like?
  • Audience centric content strategy
  • Integrated paid and organic strategy
  • Full content lifecycle - awareness, demand, sales enablement
  • Measurable - content analytics
Christine Polewarczyk
Research Director, Strategic Communications Management, SiriusDecisions, Inc.
Christine Polewarczyk is passionate about global marketing and the balance of art and science required to deliver superior global customer experience through modern, multilingual, and multichannel marketing strategies.
Niraj Swarup
Managing Director, Position2, Inc.
Niraj Swarup has over 20 years of experience in marketing leadership roles. At Position2, his focus is on combining Content, AdTech, and MarTech services to help clients achieve their Demand Acceleration Marketing goals.
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